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Centre for Biomechanics

Welcome to the Centre for Biomechanics at Lund University (CBML). Biomechanics is a multi-disciplinary topic for the study of mechanical load in relation to the anatomy, function, degeneration, development and repair of tissues; it can include investigation of the kinematics of a body, the tissue, and even the cellular behavior. It involves disciplines from both the physical and biological sciences. The aim of CBML is to provide a structure to the multi-disciplinary network of researchers within various faculties within Lund University. Currently there are collaborative projects between research groups from orthopedics, biomedical engineering, physio therapists, material science and polymer technology.

For more information about the center or education or research in biomechanics at LU, please see information at the Biomechanics group at the Department of Biomedical Engineering

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